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A Visual Guide to The Internet of Things [Infographics]

A curated list of infographics on the internet of things.

1. “How the Internet of Things is Raising Your IQ”
Source: Pcmag Blog

2. “The Internet of Things”
Source: Cisco Blog

3. “The Future of Internet of Things”
Source: WatServ Blog

4. “The Internet of Things: The Facts”
Source: Push Technology Blog

5. “The Rise of the Internet of Things”
Source: Westbase Technology Blog

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Gartner Predicts CRM Will Be A $36B Market By 2017

This post originally appeared on Forbes

The latest enterprise software forecast from Gartner shows Customer Relationship Management (CRM) increasing to a $36.5B worldwide market by 2017, a significant increase from the $20.6B forecasted in Q1 of this year.  CRM also leads all enterprise software categories in projected growth, showing a 15.1% CAGR from 2012 to 2017, also […]

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