About Zepcom

ZEPCOM is a leading technology and e-business consulting firm providing cost savings, operational efficiencies and improved bottom lines through the consolidation of technology and business insight. Combining unparalleled experience, consistent high quality service and continuous improvement we help our clients to control operating costs and create a more dynamic competitive position in the global market.

ZEPCOM is currently operating in 4 countries, delivering high performance technology and e-business solutions and consultancy services to our clients ranging from enterprises to SMEs.

Our team is dedicated to providing scalable, flexible and diverse services to improve the overall performance of our clients and improve their bottom line.

Our Partnerships

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  • ms-dynamics-crm
  • oracle-certified-solution
  • salesforce-consulting
To promote cultural understanding and build international relationships through a trusted, compassionate and profitable IT staffing experience.
To educate, tolerate and support positive experiences to further strengthen international bonds between our clients and their developers.
ZEPCOM is committed to be responsible for an excellent workplace to team where they will succeed by carrying out outstanding jobs for clients, and can encourage others. We work with team to make their professional goals attainable and enable them as valuable asset to organization as well as society. View our Available Jobs
Commitment: Committed to work, customers and team for quality products and common goal.

Accountability: together we all are responsible for company good and bad.

Integrity: building relationship through transparency that keeps team motivated and united.

Quality: Latest technologies, timely solution and effective communication to ensure satisfaction from client and team’s end.

Learning: Trainings sessions for employees to learn and implement new technologies.

Work Life Balance: We understand employee’s balance of work and personal life between feelings, family and social commitments along with financial needs.

Clients We Work With