Partnership Summary

Allshore Global Resources is a software development and consulting firm based in Norman, Oklahoma, USA, specializing in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions.
Due to an increasing demand for big data and predictive analytics solutions, and limited access to business intelligence consultants in the US market, there was a need to find a long-term consulting partner for implementing BI tools across Microsoft, SAP and Oracle stacks.
ZEPCOM partnered with Allshore to provide teams of full-time BI/DW resources, who now work as an extended offshore team for Allshore.


Client Background

Founded in 2009 as a software development and consulting firm, Allshore supports small and medium businesses in the US in the implementation of BI solutions such as big data analysis, benchmarking and real-time performance management. Allshore started working with Microsoft BI stack in 2011, providing BI and DW solutions to a wide industry vertical.

The Challenge


Allshore’s decision to venture into BI consulting for SMEs was limited by a shortage of top-tier business intelligence developers and consultants. Allshore wanted a long-term partner to improve their capacity in BI consulting. ZEPCOM gave them an alternative of hiring an offshore team in Karachi to support the development and consultation requirements of their client projects.
The primary challenge was to build a team of senior BI/DW consultants completely from scratch. Allshore’s initial requirement was to hire 10 senior resources with at least 8 -10 years of experience per resource. This kind of a solution was only possible in an offshore setting if Allshore’s outsourcing partner had international business exposure, an insightful management team and a large talent pool of highly experienced BI consultants. Setting up such a high value technical team was a challenge that ZEPCOM helped steer to success.

Approaches and Solutions

Experienced Full-Time BI/DW Resources


ZEPCOM successfully recruited 10 BI/DW resources with an average experience of 9.5 years, all of whom are senior professionals with strong technical skills and process optimization qualities. ZEPCOM’s team of BI and DW consultants are providing cloud based solutions as well as end to end BI/DW solutions to Allshore and their clients.

The solutions currently include the Microsoft, Tableau, Oracle and SAP BI stacks with expertise in SQL Server database, Oracle DB, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, Azure Cloud Services, Power BI, Dynamics, SharePoint and K2 BlackPearl Smart Objects.


Improved Development and Consultation Capacity

Allshore’s dedicated offshore team of BI/DW developers and consultants provide 360 degree consultation and heavy backend coding on custom projects. They have successfully provided solutions to several enterprise and SME clients across retail, healthcare, sports, finance, marketing and recruitment verticals. Their approach is to understand client needs and analyze all business aspects to provide tailor-made solutions match the business requirements.

Persistent Communication, Accountability and Control


The offshore consultants and developers work as dedicated virtual employees during USA and German business hours. They report directly to their Allshore project managers giving regular updates on their project management tools, just like the onsite team in USA and Germany. Allshore has complete control over the recruitment process for their offshore resources. They are directly involved in technical assessment and interviews of new hires via real-time coding tests and online video calls.


Management Team Support and Process Optimization

ZEPCOM’s management team utilized their diverse experience in cross-cultural communication to support the offshore team hired for Allshore. Whenever the offshore developers or Allshore faced any issues in understanding each other due to the language and cultural gap, the ZEPCOM management team stepped in to resolve the problem and provide guidance to both parties on optimizing the delivery process. The support managers at ZEPCOM conduct various trainings for the offshore developers, in order to help them learn the protocols of effective business communication and help increase collaboration with their onsite colleagues.

Results and Feedback

The Allshore management is very satisfied with the services delivered by ZEPCOM’s offshore consultants. The offshore team has adapted very quickly to Allshore’s BI and DW consulting needs. They work in close coordination with the onsite team, providing quality development work and consulting services on a daily basis and helping to complete and deliver client projects month after month. Since the inception of this offshore development partnership, Allshore has now started adding more developers and consultant to their offshore team across various technology stacks.

Client’s Testimonial

Randall Agee

Founder and CEO at Allshore Globa


"ZEPCOM’s team has done a great job taking our vision to the next level by giving us the expertise to take on more diverse big data projects. They have really helped us gain the confidence of our customers with their high quality of work. Whether it is a BI dashboard, a data warehouse integration or a custom application, their work is top notch. They are able to put our requirements into the right business context and deliver solutions that are not only superb in terms of visual appeal but also intuitive and technically sound."


The Way Forward

Allshore is now utilizing ZEPCOM resources directly with their U.S. clients for BI consulting assignments. Through ZEPCOM’s BI teams, Allshore is now providing high quality BI consulting and data warehousing solutions. Since the venture began, Allshore has experienced tremendous business growth as a specialist in BI solutions, with several projects running at the same time and new client acquisitions growing by 35% every quarter.