Partnership Summary

The Client

Newsletter2Go GmbH is one of the leading providers of email marketing software in Germany. Due to the shortage of software development talent in the local German market, there was a need to find a long-term development partner for newsletter design and template development focusing primarily on Newsletter2Go's internal newsletter application.

ZEPCOM partnered with Newsletter2Go to provide multiple full-time template development resources, who now work as an extended offshore team for b . Newsletter2Go. - ”

Client Background

Founded in 2011 by entrepreneurs Christoph Beuck and Steffen Schebesta, Newsletter2Go has grown from a small Berlin-based startup to a firm of more than 30 international employees. The company has more

than 40,000 customers in over 50 countries. The versatile email marketing platform provides seamless integrations with popular German and international E-Commerce- and CRM systems such as Shopware, OXID, SEOshop, JTL, Magento, Plentymarkets and many more.


The Challenge


Newsletter2Go constantly faced a shortage of top tier template developers. Before partnering with ZEPCOM, they needed to rely on trainees or freelancers for urgent client demand of custom template designs. The fast growing startup wanted a long-term solution to improve their template development capacity. ZEPCOM offered them an alternative of hiring an offshore team in Karachi to support their in-house team with design and development of newsletter templates. Setting up an offshore team was initially a challenge, since it was an ever evolving product that offshore developers would have to learn very quickly and adapt for the frequent changes. ZEPCOM initially hired 1 template engineer with very strong UI/UX skills, and put him under training with Newsletter2Go’s lead product engineer. Newsletter2Go's template development interface was in improvement phase at the time, but the developer was able to grasp the coding methodologies of the templating engine in a very short time.

Approaches and Solutions

UI/UX Savvy Development Resources


Newsletter2Go currently have 2 template engineers in their offshore team in Karachi, all of whom are experienced professionals with strong Ul/UX skills and code optimization qualities. They have  experience with various forms of interface design and template development including email newsletters and web templates. The offshore team has matured into an important part of Newsletter2Go by gaining further expertise in their domain, and by providing constant ideas and feedback for Product Improvement.


Improved Template Production Capacity

Newsletter2Go's dedicated offshore team provides interface design - services and heavy frontend coding for custom newsletter template development. The talented UI/UX developers have allowed B Newsletter2Go to immensely increase their template development capacity and deliver custom responsive newsletter templates to their retail and corporate clients. The offshore team are able to deliver 4-5 high quality newsletter templates on a weekly basis.

Persistent Communication, Accountability and Control


The offshore developers work as dedicated virtual employees during German business hours. They report directly to their Newsletter2Go project manager, giving regular updates on their project management platform just like the onsite developers in Germany. Newsletter2Go has complete control over the recruitment process for their offshore developers. They are directly involved in technical assessment and interviews of new candidates via real-time template development tests and online video calls.

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Management Team Support and Process Optimization

ZEPCOM's management team utilizes their diverse experience in cross-cultural communication to support the offshore team hired for Newsletter2Go. The support staff is available round the clock at the offshore office to provide guidance to the developers and help optimize the work delivery process. ZEPCOM conducts various trainings for the offshore developers, in order to help them learn the protocols of effective business communication and help increase collaboration with their onsite colleagues.

Results and Feedback

The Newsletter2Go management is very safisfied with the work delivered by ZEPCOM's offshore developers. The offshore team has adapted very quickly to Newsletter2Go's template development needs. They work in close coordination with the onsite team, providing quality design and development work on a daily basis and helping to complete and deliver client newsletters week after week. Since the inception of this offshore development partnership, Newsletter2Go has started adding more resources to their offshore team including a dedicated interface designer.



Christoph Koch

Project Manager
Newsletter2Go GmbH


"Ammar and Arbani (the Offshore developers) are both very reliable and have a consistent output product-wise. Ammar works as hard as ever and Arbani  has reached a good level after the initial training period. Overall they do good work and we are quite pleased with them."


The Way Foward

Newsletter2Go and ZEPCOM intend to continue this offshore development partnership a long way info the future by adding more design and development resources to the extended offshore team. This scalability will allow Newsletter2Go to increase their template production capacity further without worrying about the added workload. With the offshore team handling the bulk of client-side customization requests, Newsletter2Go can put more focus on constantly improving the product and thus maintain their market share as one of the largest email marketing automation software in Germany.