Partnership Summary

Sell It Smart GmbH is an ecommerce agency and a Shopware Enterprise Partner based in Berlin, Germany.

Due to the shortage of software development talent in the local German market, there was a need to find a long- term development partner for frontend and backend ecommerce development focusing primarily on the Shopware shop system.

ZEPCOM partnered with Sell It Smart to provide multiple full -time software developers, who now work as an extended offshore team for Sell It Smart.


Client Background

Sell It Smart GmbH has been supporting online retailers and corporations in the implementation of ecommerce strategies since 2005. Sell It Smart started working with the Shopware platform in 2009 offering custom shop solutions, and they are currently regarded as one of the largest Shopware agencies in Germany.

The Challenge


Sell It Smart constantly faced a shortage of top tier software developers. Before partnering with ZEPCOM, they needed to rely on local freelancers for urgent client work which their in -house developers could not handle due to the workload. Sell It Smart wanted a long- term partner to improve their development capacity. ZEPCOM gave them an alternative of hiring an offshore team in Karachi to support their in-house team with development of client projects.

Setting up an offshore Shopware team was a challenge, since it is a German product that offshore developers had never worked with. ZEPCOM initially hired 2 developers, one backend and one frontend, to learn Shopware utilizing training material translated from German. Shopware 5 had recently been released at the time and was in improvement phase, but the developers were able to grasp the coding methodologies of Shopware in a very short time

Approaches and Solutions

Improved Shop Production Capacity


Sell It Smart’s dedicated offshore team provides heavy backend coding and custom Shopware plugins development on the backend side. Their talented offshore UI/UX developers have helped them immensely in developing custom responsive online shops for their retail and corporate clients. The offshore team now has good understanding of Shopware and are able to deliver shop projects on a weekly basis.


Experienced Development Resources

Sell It Smart currently have 2 backend developers and 2 frontend developers in their offshore team in Karachi, all of whom are senior professionals with strong technical skills and code optimization qualities. They have experience with shopping carts and have worked on providing interface design for third parties. With good knowledge of PHP development, the team has matured into an important part of Sell It Smart by gaining expertise in Shopware.

Persistent Communication, Accountability and Control


The offshore developers work as dedicated virtual employees during German business working hours. They report directly to their Sell It Smart project managers giving regular updates on their project management tools, just like the onsite developers in Germany. Sell It Smart has complete control over the recruitment process for their offshore developers. They are directly involved in technical assessment and interviews of new candidates via real-time coding tests and online video calls.


Management Team Support and Process Optimization

ZEPCOM’s management team utilized their diverse experience in cross- cultural communication to support the offshore team hired for Sell It Smart. Whenever the offshore developers or Sell It Smart faced any issues in understanding each other due to the language and cultural gap, the ZEPCOM management team stepped in to resolve the problem and provide guidance to both parties on optimizing the delivery process. The support managers at ZEPCOM conduct various trainings for the offshore developers, in order to help them learn the protocols of effective business communication and help increase collaboration with their onsite colleagues.

Results and Feedback

The Allshore management is very satisfied with the services delivered by ZEPCOM’s offshore consultants. The offshore team has adapted very quickly to Allshore’s BI and DW consulting needs. They work in close coordination with the onsite team, providing quality development work and consulting services on a daily basis and helping to complete and deliver client projects month after month. Since the inception of this offshore development partnership, Allshore has now started adding more developers and consultant to their offshore team across various technology stacks.

Client’s Testimonial


Conrad Bakker

Project Manager
Portaltech Reply GmbH


“Unser Team in Karachi unterstützt uns nun seit mehreren Monaten bei der Umsetzung von individuellen und sehr komplexen E-Commerce-Projekten. Durch den mehrstufigen und sehr ausführlichen Bewerbungsprozess und den hohen Qualifikationsgrad der Kollegendort,haben wir unsere Prozesse extrem beschleunigen und die Ergebnisse weiter optimieren können.”


The Way Forward

Sell It Smart and ZEPCOM intend to continue this offshore development partnership a long way into the future by adding more development resources to their extended offshore team. This scalability will allow Sell It Smart to increase their production capacity further and take on larger, more complex shop projects, thus maintaining their market share as a one of the largest Shopware solutions agency in Germany.