Zepcom offers on-site, remote and offshore placements of technical resources as your direct employees. We have an experienced recruitment team that help companies find the right technical talent at the right time. Whether you’re looking for software engineers, IT managers, applications specialists, DBAs or system administrators, we will work as your partner to deliver the right candidate. Our team of professional recruiters leverages leading recruitment tools and process methodologies to identify a refined and targeted pool of technical resources for your business needs.

Our recruiters have in-depth understanding of the labor market, access to an extensive database of contacts, the ability to initiate a global search, as well as the presence to make the most of local talent. Our recruitment team strives to provide exceptional services and the best pool of technical professionals to add value to your projects. Whether you need full-time or contract-based resources, we provide skilled professionals with your required expertise to get the job done.

We offer Talent for:

  • Direct Hire;
  • Contract; and
  • Contract-to-Hire services.