At ZEPCOM, we understand how to create value for your business through the consolidation of technology, people and processes. From improving organizational efficiencies through digital transformation or helping you make smart decisions through big data and analytics, we are the partner who understands your needs.

Our team of technology consultants, software engineers, projects managers, business analysts and data scientists have years of experience combined with agility to help you navigate through all the modern day business challenges. Our experience across multiple industries and geographies gives us a global perspective and our hunger to learn and evolve keeps you well prepared for the future.

At our core we are team that loves to collaborate and connect well on a personal and professional level. This allows us to really understand your team’s challenges and then work along with them in concurring those challenges through cutting edge technology and streamlines processes that mitigate risk.


"At ZEPCOM, we are focused on providing our clients high quality services and solutions that solve business problems and improve efficiency. For us the end goal is always to help our clients improve their business’s bottom line by helping them embrace the latest technology and positioning them as innovation thought leaders within the markets that they operate in.

We pride ourselves in being a team that is always learning and challenging ourselves. We want to continuously improve by keeping ourselves up to date with the latest technological developments. Over the years we have put a great emphasis on our people and have managed to hire retain some top quality talent and providing them an environment where they are encouraged to be the best that they can be.

For us it is very important to be transparent with our clients. As part of our corporate culture we always try to communicate effectively in all project situations and to be upfront and not over commit. Keeping the dynamics and uncertainty of the IT services business we always tell our clients that we can never promise you that there will never be problems! Because there will be, as this is business and unavoidable casualties happen. But what we can promise to you is that whenever there is a problem we will stand by you and work with you to solve it.

I want to tell all our perspective clients that when we work together our aim will always to be strategic partner for you. One that looks at your business as our own rather that being transactional in our approach.

Thank You."


―Ali R Zaidi

CEO & Founder

Our Mission

To improve our clients’ profitability by providing technology products and services that improve efficiency and unlock the hidden potential.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading global player for information technology implementation, consultancy and product development with a focus on people, processes and innovation.

Our Values


We aim to work with complete transparency across the process with our clients. This means to communicate effectively and openly and more important to listen and take feedback. We believe that transparency builds trust. And trust equals success.


We want to be accountable for all our actions. We understand that our clients trust us on their mission critical projects and are counting on us to deliver. To live to this we need to remain accountable for our actions and where we make a mistake, we must take ownership and learn from it.

Focus on Solutions

As a service company you can never 100% certain that problems will not happen. It is business! And problems do happen. What we commit is that whenever there is a problem we will stand by our clients and find solutions to overcome them.

Commitment to our people

Our people are our biggest asset. We want to take care of our people and encourage an environment where they prosper. We know that it is our people that will help us achieve our vision of global growth.

Our Strategic Partners

Our Management Team

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