We have a streamlined process that focuses on collaboration and business impact across the value chain. This helps us mitigate risk and replicate success project after project.


Understand the Requirements

Listen to your Team

We start every project with a comprehensive kick off meeting with our clients’ teams. We like to delve deep into the requirements and also try to asses the actual business problem in order to determine if there is a gap between the presumed requirements and the business case which the solutions intends to solve.

Go through Existing Documentation and Knowledge Base

Our business analysts and project managers go through any available documentation and knowledge base which helps us understand the requirements more clearly.

Understand Team Culture and Set Project Parameters

For us it is very important to understand the team dynamics of our clients that we are working for. This allows us to analyse which team members will have the best EQ fit with the team dynamics within our clients’ teams. We also define project parameters and communication channels which are internally implemented within our clients’ teams so our project team can adapt to that. This integration ensures minimum communication friction and maximum collaboration and sharing of ideas.


Design the Solution

Technical Analysis

Our project managers and business analysts start working with our technical and functional consultants to design the solution to clients requirements. At this stage a lot of technical analysis and research takes plan to work out the most efficient solution.

Resource Planning

Based on the solution plan our HR teams work on identifying the ideal resources within our team from engineers, designers, data analysts, testers and functional consultants to identify the best suited project members. This is done in close collaboration between the project manager and HR team. We also make it a point to introduce all project team members to our clients’ teams and add them to the communication channels.


Based on our solution and resource planning we estimate a financial budget and delivery timelines which are discussed with client teams and after mutual agreements the budgets and timelines are finalized.


Implement the Solution

Setup the Project

Our project managers start by defining tasks, milestones and timelines in a project management environment and assign them to relevant team members. The work is planned according to timed iterations so incremental results are visible to all stakeholders.

Engineering and Solution Implementation

The project members then start working on tasks and iterations as defined by the project managers. Weekly update meetings are held where all stakeholders are updated on work progress and feedback is taken.

Testing and QA

Our QA and testing teams work in parallel to test features and modules at every stage to ensure no bugs are left unattended. We usually use a combination of manual and automated testing to effectively test solutions.

Code and Release Management

We ensure that code is properly managed on GIT repositories and versioning is always precise.

Final Release and Demo

Once the solution is completed all stakeholders are given a final demo where they can review the finished product and how it solves the business case and meets the initially agreed requirements. Once approved the solution is pushed live.


Post Implementation


A detailed documentation is created by our technical writers and provided to client teams for future reference. This also includes knowledge base and TO DO videos.

IP and Code Transfer

All code is transferred to the client as per agreement and our project managers ensure a smooth transfer.

Ongoing Support

As per the agreed SLA our team continues to provide support to fix any bugs which might come up which solution is live. Also providing any needed updates or addressing additional requirements which may come up.

Training and Knowledge Transfer

We conduct a detailed training and knowledge transfer session where all necessary information is transferred to our clients teams. If needed longer sessions are conducted to promote adaptation to the solution within the clients’ teams.


Bespoke eCommerce platform development and user-experience design

Expert end-to-end consultation and support to implement your CRM and ERP

Implementation of BI solutions such as big data analysis, bench marking, real-time

Rapid custom development of scalable web-based, desktop and native applications

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