How we can help?

We help our customers and partner consultants with the expertise needed to bring value from your data. Our team of database administrators, data scientists, BI developers and consultants can help with multiple databases and BI platforms.

Core Platforms


Microsoft SQL

Oracle Database


Postgre SQl



Amazon Cloud

Google Cloud

Microsoft Azure

BI Platforms

Power BI


SQL BI Solutions




BI Projects Completed


DWH Setup


DBA Projects



We can help you implement powerful BI solutions that help you make better sense of your data. We help bring all your data consolidated in one location from all different applications and systems that you might be using and then create power BI dashboards using self service BI platforms that give you real time insight into your data. We can also help you with decision making by provide predictive analytics using machine learning and AI.

Health Checks and Performance Tuning

We can determine the effectiveness and efficiency of your database environment by evaluating your applications, capacity, hardware and database systems. We then help you further optimize the database systems and queries to improve performance and reduce delays. We have experience of optimizing large scale database in challenging environment and have delivered significant performance boosts.

Data Warehousing

Our data experts can create power DWH for your business where data from all your applications and systems can be consolidated and stored. We ensure that the DWH addresses all challenges of management, integration, scalability, flexibility, user accessibility while ensure financial benefits. Once a DWH is setup it allows for organization wide data analysis.

On-Demand DBA & Managed Services

We can provide you with managed DBA services and on demand services depending on your needs. You can engage us one need to need basis (available 24/7) or on a predefined engagement (full time or part time). This is suitable for on going support for clients that require work on a regular basis.


Our team of DBAs can help you manage and optimize your databases for maximum uptime and increased efficiency. We can help you with design, installation, backups & restores, replications, migrations and virtualization services. We can also help with licensing and are familiar with most popular database systems.

Complimenting Services

Project Management

We provide complete project management for the projects we undertake. Our PMO comprises of experienced and skilled project managers who understand how to bring projects to a conclusion staying within budgets and timelines. Our internal processes are based on Agile project management using the SCRUM methodology. If needed we can also adapt to our client’s internal project management processes and deliver projects using tools that our client’s teams are comfortable with.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Our team of testers and quality assurance professionals can provide complete testing solutions using automated and manual testing procedures. We do level 1,2,3 QA and also performance stress testing. We usually run tests using Selenium and IBM Performance Tester. Our QA experts can develop detailed test cases and provide a complete overview of how a solution would perform in different scenarios.

UI/Web Designing

To complement our technical services we also have a team of web and graphic designers who can design compelling user interfaces for your projects. We create designs that enhance the user experience and improve the overall usability of the website or application and making it intuitive. We can also support you with regular digital collateral designing like banners and other design elements.